Know more about the facts of alcoholism


Do you think alcoholism is actually a disease? Well that is not true; you should know that it is not a disease. You could definitely define it is as a condition, when people are emotionally traumatized. In other words you could say that it is actually a subtle desire to consume alcohol to get relaxed mentally as well as physically. Having a glass of drink is definitely not an issue, but when the same starts drinking often violating the decorum of his life and going beyond control is obviously a great deal. Although there is no such proper definition, but surely what is alcoholism could be explained in this way.


Facts about alcoholism:

You should know that alcoholism is actually a kind of illness that persists for a long period of time unless and until the person himself tries to get rid of it. The basic thing is that alcoholics are much possessed with their drinks. That is when they are in parties or socializing somewhere, they actually consume too much pegs incautiously. As a result they face lots of problem everywhere like in homes as well as in office. One more thing you should notice that an alcoholic consumes alcohol despite all worst situations. It is not that the person is not much aware regarding the consequences, but has blocked his or her sensations towards the words bad and harmful.

You would see that the word alcoholism is not restricted to particular one socio-economic class of the society. It is just like an epidemic which has disseminated to all the classes of the society. No matter whether man is a professor, or is a business, he would likely be interested to have pegs when offered.

You should know recently a study has been conducted which disclosed some facts, which states that almost 50% of the people are addicted to alcohol. In fact, it is really hard to get a family where a single person is not addicted to it. Drinking is not a problem, you could have soft drinks when required, but it has been seen that people prone to drinking are much prompt enough towards alcohol. In addition to this, you should see that the party animals who actually loves to drink has a tendency to affect others as well. That is they have a direct inclination to drag them into the group.

What are the various causes of alcoholism?

When you decide to know about the causes, the first and foremost thing that might strike is that a person takes alcohol when he is placed in such situation. For example you could say that a group of friends influencing them. In addition to this, you should see that researchers have even proved that consuming limitless alcohol is again a genetic disorder. You should know that genes and other biological matters are quite much responsible for consumption of alcohol.

Next, you should see that there is a category of people who actually tries to find solace through alcohol. May be the person is suffering from high depression and stress and alcohol is the ultimate way to release from any kind of emotional onus. One most important thing is that a person, who actually drinks, does so out of mental relief. Suppose a person had a drink once, would definitely try to consume again because for the time being it actually gave him or her bit rest by relaxing the nerves. Squeezing to one vital point is that an alcoholic always love to drink and obviously is a situation seeker.

Treatments available:

Initially when an alcoholic sticks to drinking, he or she actually tries to overlook through the harm that is potentially done. But for a second when you open your eyes would see that you are left with nothing as it is too late. Well you are never late when you grab the right time. In this respect, you should emphasize on the word treatment. Once you go through the online counseling methods, flip through various recovery treatment programs which are highly designed to make you think in a way. Thus, you could see that alcoholism is not a problem, when you intend to go for the right solution.

Damages caused by the insect

Demages of Insects

Did you know that every year insects damage properties worth millions of dollars? Because of this large amount of damage, some insurance companies are openly refusing to pay compensation for damages caused due to insects. This is forcing more and more people to take these insects very seriously. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about two of the most commonly found insects.

Damage of insects


They move quickly, they are dirty, and they can fly. They are small, but their unpredictable movements can scare away people who suffer from cockroach phobia.

  • Are cockroaches really dangerous?

This may sound weird, but cockroaches can prove to be as dangerous as venomous snake. They feed on almost everything, may it be dead body of an animal, household food, or solid waste flowing in sewers. They definitely carry germs and filth with them when they enter your house.

Physicians suggest that every year, thousands of people suffer from food poisoning because of cockroaches. Roaches can easily transmit diseases like dengue fever, dengue fever and malaria if they sit on food and taste it with their alien like mouth. Besides causing health and psychological issues, roaches also damage cloths, wooden furniture, paper items and electrical fittings.

  • Every second person on this planet is scared of cockroaches

According to research work released by California State University’s entomologist, Richard Kaae, more than 10 million Americans suffer from cockroach phobia. His work also suggests that cockroaches are considered as world’s most scary insects.  Some people avoid getting out of their bed during night, just because they are scared of cockroaches!

  • Getting rid of cockroaches

Pest control experts and plumbers suggest that New York alone is home to billions of cockroaches which are waiting in the sewer line to enter their victim’s home using drain openings, air vents, or even through the toilet seat. Cockroaches can also enter your house through bags or other material brought from outside. So check all the bags properly before bringing them inside your house.

Most of them prefer to stay in kitchen or inside the bathroom.  It is advisable to spray insect killing disinfectants nearby kitchen sink, drainage shutters and toilet seat before sleeping.  Keeping food items in open can prove to be an invitation for roaches, so make sure that there is no food left on the table. Keep all the kitchen appliances clean, and clean your kitchen in such a way that roaches should not be able to find even one small piece of food. Let them starve, they will move to the next house.

Wooden furniture is like castle for cockroaches. Take good care of your wooden furniture. Keep these items clean, and paint them with insect proof oils.

There are several types of baits and sprays available in the market which can kill roaches. But if you are looking for something different, something natural, you should try using borax coated with sugar.  In this mixture, sugar acts as bait, roaches easily get attracted to it, and end up eating borax. It dehydrates cockroach’s exoskeleton, and can prove to be as effective as pest control sprays.


After cockroaches, ants are the most hated insects around the world. There are several types of ants, but red and black ants are most commonly found. 

Some ants are useful, as they kill other unwanted guests in the house like bedbugs, flees, cockroaches, lizards, etc. But, you would definitely start hating them when hundreds of them start occupying your kitchen furniture.

  • Ways to get rid of ants

There is no way to completely stop them from entering your property, but getting rid of ants is easier than getting rid of roaches.  You can easily kill ants by squeezing them or wiping them away with sponge dipped in soap water.

The first step is keeping your home clean. Then, seal all the small gaps and holes in your property’s windows, and doors. Create barriers using bay leaves, cayenne pepper, black pepper, peppermint oil, vinegar, citrus oil, turmeric, boric acid, powdered charcoal or simply draw a line with chalk near the window or holes which ants are using to enter your house. If you find the hideout of ants nearby your house, it is advisable to sprinkle coffee grounds in the nearby area.

Follow the same tricks to get rid of flying ants; if they are in large number, it is advisable to call your local pest control service provider.

May it be cockroaches, ants or any other insects, cleanness can help you to keep your home free from everyone. Always clean your kitchen immediately after cooking and eating food. Don’t keep any dishes unattended in the kitchen sink. Make sure that all the garbage bins and bags are properly closed.